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All the events are FREE to participate and activities will be from 19:00 to 22:30 next Friday 20th September. Some activities will start earlier at 18:00 due to popular demand by the public. It is recommended that for some of the activities you fill an online registration so you book your place. During the event there will be live music and merchandise of the European Week of Sport will be given through participation in the various events that will be held at Żejtun.

Żejtun Square

Walking Tours

A walk through Żejtun where you will be able to understand the cultural heritage of this town while staying physically active. Walks will start at 18:00, 19:15 and 20:30. The three walks will have different routes.

The start of the walk will be from Żejtun square. Registrations can be done from the square but it is recommended you book your place before through the online registration.

You can register online for the walks through the link below:

Bike Ride

Meeting point for bike ride will be at Żejtun Square. Those who are interested in joining can come with their bike and they will be lead by the Bicycle Advocacy Group (BAG) for a nice bike ride around the lovely town of Żejtun. A limited number of bikes will be available upon request.

Registration for bike ride through the link below:

Zumba and Fitness Sessions

There will be a lot of movement in the square with Zumba sessions led by popular Coach Bela Grundmann at 18:30 and 20:30.

Fitness sessions will be conducted by two leading fitness instructors Daniel Attard at 19:30 and Joanna Camilleri at 21:30.

Time to get moving and enjoy a good healthy session with professional coaches.

Registration for these sessions below:

Health Checks

There will be a stand operated by the Malta Health Students Association (MHSA) where they will be conducting health checks which will include blood pressure, glucose tests and BMI.

Basketball Session

At 18:00-19:30 there will be Hibernians Basketball Club where they will conduct a session for children aged 6 to 16 years under the guidance of professional coaches including gold medalist at FIBA European Games Mr. Roderick Vella. During the sessions there will be also European Week of Sport Malta Ambassador Ms. Josephine Grima who is an international basketball player that played in various countries around Europe while winning various medals. It will be a great session for children who would like to start the game of basketball.

3×3 U18 Basketball

A 3×3 competition will be organized for U18 participants by the 3×3 Malta Basketball Association. Participants are encouraged to try this new sport of 3×3 basketball that is becoming very popular. 3×3 basketball will be also featuring in the Olympic Games and the Games of the Small States of Europe. For this tournament a limited number of teams can apply thus registration is recommended through the link below:

Traditional Games of Boċċi and KUBB

Come and try the famous traditional games of Malta and Sweden at Żejtun square. There will be stations where you can practise the game of traditional Maltese Boċċi and the famous traditional Swedish game of KUBB. Games will be explained and you might be able to win merchandise of the European Week of Sport by taking part.

Land Rovers Exhibition

As you pass through the main entrance for the event to Żejtun square you will be welcome by an exhibition of some of the best Land Rovers on the island thanks to the Land Rovers Owners Club Malta. If you like outdoor sport and have interest in cars you will have a great opportunity to witness these cars on show.

Field Hockey

Come and try your skills in the game of field hockey in one of the stations that will be on show during the Main Event at Żejtun Square.

If you manage to do skills that professional players of Qormi Hockey Club will teach you, you will be able to win merchandise of the European Week of Sport.

Yoga and Tai Chi

If you are into a different type of physical activity Yoga and Tai Chi Sessions will be held in Żejtun Square. These will be led by professional SportMalta coaches and guidance on how to start this physical activity will be done. If you have never tried this physical activity before, its time you give it a try.

Registration can be done through the link below:

Various Sports Activities

There will be various sports stations that one can participate in together with their families. Those who will participate in these stations will be given merchandise of European Week of Sport.

Ġnien iż-Żgħożija

7 a side Football Tournament

A football tournament will be held for U13 children boys and girls. Applications can be made through the Żejtun Local Council.

BMX, Scooters and Skateboard session

There will be an educational session on how to make a safe use of the ramps through BMX, scooters and skateboards. There will be also a demonstration by experienced athletes showing various skills. It will be a great experience which we recommend for children who love this sport where they will learn also on how to practice this sport in a safe way while learning new skills.

Field Hockey

There will be a demonstration by Qormi Hockey Club from 19:00 till 21:00 where their players will show various skills and do an exhibition match to entertain the people that would like to start playing this game. After they will be available to show children and adults who would be interested in this game on how to do certain skills and give them opportunity this popular sport.

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