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The Malta Judo Federation can proudly say that is has been keeping itself very busy. An international tournament for our upcoming team, a visit and training camp from an international coach who will be joining us this winter, celebration of the Olympic day with games for parents and children, free lessons for 450 children from Government Schools who visited our National Dojo so far, and the latest event: a judo shiai (competition) on the beach. 

Even though our national squad keeps up their training regularly, it is quite difficult to hold a tournament in the scorching heat. So, the officials of the federation decided to take the tatami (judo mat) to Mellieha Bay and hold their bi-monthly event there. As the team started laying out the tatami, curious passers by were asking what is happening. More spectators gathered around the small tatami as the officials, including the referees dressed up in fluorescent #BEACTIVE safety vests and the athletes got ready to compete in their Judogi. In between events, the children and youngsters watching were invited to the tatami to try out Judo and were given #BEACTIVE pouches donated by Sportmalta on occasion of the European Week of Sport (EWOS). SPORTMALTA kindly assisted the federation with the event by offering transport for our tatami.

The event generated a lot of interest, as the live videos broadcast from the Malta Judo Federation facebook page reached over 10,000 people. Follow the Malta Judo Federation on its Facebook page  to keep up to date with its next endeavors.

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