• Development and implementation of policies, programmes and practices aimed at improving access and equity in all aspects of sport.
  • Maximisation of available resources for the development of sport.
  • Strengthen the current incentive schemes and introduce new ones to the benefit of local sport organisations.
  • Registration of sport organisations.

The Sports Act communicates a declaration of principles which inspires the Government in its national policies. These are:

  • Physical Education and Sport: to be taught and practiced in all primary and secondary schools in accordance to the Education Act.
  • No Discrimination: ensuring that no one is discriminated against when involved in sport.
  • Recognition: everyone should have the opportunity to participate in sport, irrespective of gender and abilities.
  • Fair Play: the Act provides for all participants in sport activities to follow the rules of fair play.
  • No Exploitation: controls to ensure that when promoting and providing a service in sport, young people are not exploited.